Rhythms that Shape & Anchor


The invitation from 24-7 Prayer and from us here at 24-7 Prayer Scotland this Lent is to join us in practicing a daily rhythm of prayer as a generous act of love towards God with an almost monastic sort of rhythm and discipline that will both shape our inner lives and anchor our souls in hope.

Our team member Bec shares more…

Did you see that Collins added the word ‘permacrisis’ to their dictionary at the end of 2022? The word is defined as “an extended period of instability and insecurity” which I’m sure many of us can agree is how 2022 and the couple of years before that have felt.

At a recent gathering of Scottish church leaders there was conversation about how we as believers respond within this state of permacrisis. Many have been feeling the Holy Spirit’s invitation to put into practise those habits that anchor us in hope and connect us to our Father. For us in 24-7prayer that primary habit is… prayer!

At last year’s 24-7 Prayer Global Gathering, Tyler Staton – pastor at Bridgetown Church and 24-7 Prayer USA director – gave a quality talk about this very thing. ( If you haven’t listened already, check it out HERE ).

Tyler quoted Ronald Rolheiser:

"The single greatest obstacle to sustaining a life of prayer is simple boredom and the sense that nothing meaningful is happening. But that does not mean we are regressing in prayer. It often means the opposite."

A prayer practice might not sound like a very exciting ‘anchor to hope’ but if we want intimacy, companionship, and ultimately union with God (and who doesn’t want that really!?) then we need to start praying in the way that Jesus taught us. As Tyler says,

“The way to pray like Jesus taught includes the unavoidable invitation to a daily prayer rhythm.”

So, in response to the macro sense of permacrisis and, more importantly, to the promptings of the Spirit, we’re inviting you to join us here at 24-7 Prayer Scotland and 24-7 Prayer International in a daily rhythm of prayer throughout Lent; to see what fruit comes from our consistent prayer.

As Tyler reminds us, it is through the committed daily rhythm of prayer of a few ordinary radicals that the church will be renewed!


• by subscribing to the 24-7 Prayer Shaped by God Lent journey HERE
• by downloading the Inner Room prayer app and using the three daily prayer prompts

When: Starting on Wednesday, 22nd February – Easter

Do it in community:

Disciplines like this are always best followed through on in the context of community. So on Wednesday, 22 February at 7.30pm, we as 24-7 Prayer Scotland invite you to join us for an hour online, then each following Thursday evening, finishing up on Thursday, 6th April (six Thursdays for you to mark on your calendar!). It will be a weekly time of connection, discussion and prayer for anyone who is joining us in this Lenten journey and would like to be able to connect and share with others who are also giving it a go. Click HERE to sign up and receive the Zoom link.

We hope you can join us and make Lent ’23 a memorable one shaped by daily prayer.

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