Mission & Justice

“What a huge harvest! …How few workers! On your knees and pray for harvest hands!” The prayer was no sooner prayed than it was answered. Jesus called twelve of his followers and sent them into the ripe fields. He gave them power to kick out the evil spirits and to tenderly care for the bruised and hurt lives.’
Matthew 9:37 – 10:1 The Message

As Christians, we are called to be Christ-followers and this means prayer and action, following Jesus out of the prayer room into the world around us, becoming the answers to our prayers.

Climate Justice

Our world’s climate is changing. And this is affecting people across the globe, specifically many of the world's most vulnerable. Research shows that up to 132 million people will be pushed into extreme poverty by climate change by 2030. We believe that God loves every human being on the planet and values his creation and he invites us as Christians to fight for change on this precious earth through prayer and action combined. Our Climate Justice prayer resource is formatted in sections including: Practical 24-7 Prayer Room Activities, Personal Prayer Ideas, Group Prayer Ideas and How to Take Action.

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Welcoming Strangers & Loving Our Neighbours

The work of mission and justice is massive and will never be accomplished by any one individual or group on their own. We need to work together and when we do, we bring a richer, more complete and beautiful representation of God and the way of Jesus to the world around us. That is why we often work with some like-minded friends, incredible organisations who are seeking to bring justice and transformation to some of the world's most vulnerable and marginalised. Find out more about our justice partners and how they can help you pray and fight for others.

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Pray for Ukraine

24-7 Prayer has created resources to help you and your community pray for the current situation that continues to unfold in Ukraine.

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Pray for the World

Across our globe, on a daily basis, situations unravel that will have a profound impact on individuals, communities and nations. When faced with a global situation, it can be difficult to know how to pray. Try these simple ideas...

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Race and Reconciliation

We want to invite you to pray and join the fight for racial justice and reconciliation - starting in our own lives. Watch this short animation and join us as we take three actions.

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Prayer & Mission

Mission is not something we do but is a way that we live - our daily, ordinary lives and choices helping to bring out the "God-colours" in the world around us. And prayer itself can be an expression of mission - from prayer walking to praying for people you meet in the street to running a creative, interactive prayer space in a public place that is welcoming to all. Check out this collection of ideas that will equip and inspire you to take your prayers to those around you.

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Pick a fight

24-7 International has several opportunities to learn about and dive into holy activism for issues of mercy and Justice all around the world.

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