24-7 Prayer Scotland

24-7 Prayer Scotland is part of the 24-7 Prayer International network and exists to revive the Church and rewire culture, specifically within Scotland.

We desire to help people encounter God and engage with the needs of the world through prayer that is creative and interactive, through missional communities and through Christ-centred social action that champions the cause of the marginalised & the poor.

We seek to accomplish this through offering inspiration, support, resources and training in Presence-centred, wildly creative prayer, mission and justice to the Church across Scotland in all her beautiful and varied expressions, with the vision to see Scotland’s rich spiritual heritage renewed and her historical missional impact on the nations of the world restored.


Inspiring Prayer

24-7 Prayer is known for inspiring and catalysing prayer in the most likely and least likely places, and among the most likely and least likely people.

We believe that a dedicated space for non-stop prayer can become a place of transformative encounter with God. That is why we seek to inspire uniquely creative, interactive spaces and places of prayer.
We also believe that prayer is at the heart of the depth and health of our relationship with God, yet prayer can often be a struggle for many of us. Therefore we seek to resource and equip individuals and communities in a lifestyle and culture of prayer that is life-giving and contagious.

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Championing Mission and Justice

We believe that following Jesus looks like rhythms of breathing in and breathing out. Resting in the prayer room, breathing in his presence and life, and following him out of the prayer room into the world, breathing out his love and power.

Prayer should always be the birthplace of mission and justice and therefore we seek to inspire and resource faith-filled prayer for our world and to catalyse prayer-fuelled action and engagement.

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24-7 Prayer International

24-7 Prayer was born from one small student-led prayer vigil that God invaded and quickly spread into 100+ nations, touching 2 million people of all ages in over 12 thousand locations, and landing in almost every denomination: traditional and non-traditional expressions alike.

Collectively, prayer has continued non-stop night and day since that 1st vigil in 1999; putting presence-centered, mission-minded prayer back at the heart of communities all over the world and leaving a global movement of prayer, mission, and justice in its wake. One which breathes out stories of God radically transforming lives, churches, neighborhoods, and regions. Our call is to revive the Church and rewire the culture.

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