Reframing the Prophetic

A biblical observation of an ancient gift.

Within the pages of this timely book is a compelling exploration of the prophetic gift within the context of Christian faith, deeply rooted in scriptural study and personal experience. Christine Westhoff – spiritual director, founder of Akouo Missions and leading prophetic voice within the 24-7 Prayer International Network – highlights the importance of distinguishing between genuine prophetic utterances and cultural influences that have distorted the gift’s true purpose.

Whether you are new to the prophetic, have operated in the prophetic for years or have grown wary and questioning of it, this book is an invitation to rediscover this ancient gift as a part of your spiritual life as you engage with the Holy Spirit and undertake a journey of re-learning through scripture, observing the transformative power of the prophetic and its vital role in the advancement of the Gospel and collective mission of the Church.

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