Prepare, Plan, Pray!


Interested in being part of the Year of Prayer but new to running a 24-7 Prayer Room? Or looking for some fresh inspiration and new ideas?

We want to help you be as prepared as possible, which is why back in November we ran a special webinar series alongside our friends at 24-7 Prayer GB and 24-7 Prayer Ireland on How to Host a 24-7 Prayer Room.

We explored the What? Why? and How? of night and day prayer, heard stories and shared insights and practical tips in 5 one hour-long sessions, all of which we recorded.

If you would like to access these recordings, just click on the Contact button and send us a wee message.

Also, check out in the next section below the free downloadable PDF Guide on how to Run A Prayer Room, which also includes some creative ideas for prayer stations.


It’s time to get practical and plan. 

We have created a PDF guide with all the information you need – how to get involved, how to set up a prayer room, 6 creative prayer station ideas and other ways to be praying.

Register your interest in the year of prayer and be kept up to date with information by filling in the form below.

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Register your prayer room with us below! You can sign up to pray for as long as you want – anything from 8 hours to 24-7 – nothing is too little or too much.

Storytelling and seeing that we are not alone but are part of a nation-wide body of people who praying night and day – these things can hugely encourage and inspire when we are feeling tired, isolated and discouraged.

So we are hoping to be able to share on our website and social media just where across Scotland people are praying in the coming months, as well as the stories that will inevitably come out of these many hours spent in prayer rooms.