How It All Began


Debbie awoke to a strange, dull, thumping sound. She nudged her husband Stevan sleeping peacefully beside her, who grunted then turned over and continued in his blissful state of unconsciousness. Debbie started to give him a good shake, still uncertain what this strange noise coming from downstairs could be, when she remembered. The youth group from church were in the prayer room that night. Or her dining room. It was hard to know just how to refer to it anymore. Wondering what new, creative way of praying the teenagers had come up with this time, Debbie smiled as she drifted back to sleep, thanking God for the peace that had been filling their home for months now whenever they hosted their church’s 24-7 prayer weeks.

This is where 24-7 Prayer Scotland began – in the heart ( dining room ) of the Meehan home in Ayrshire. Not long after opening her home up for 24-7 Prayer weeks, Debbie was asked to oversee the establishing of 24-7 Prayer Scotland. Always up for a new challenge, Debbie said yes and promptly began to pioneer a new national team while teaching full time and serving as a leader in her church, Southside Ayr.

Various wonderful individuals have come and gone on the 24-7 Prayer Scotland team over the years, making their contributions, and Debbie faithfully continued to carry it through all the changes.
Our current national co-ordinator Crystal Cryer joined the 24-7 Prayer Scotland team in 2011, focusing mainly on Aberdeen city and shire where her life was largely monopolised by Prayer Spaces in Schools and serving in her local church.
Eventually Debbie became ready to step back from leading the team and pass the baton on to someone else. At this same time, God was inviting Crystal to give herself full-time to 24-7 Prayer Scotland, to let go of the roots she had put down in Aberdeen, the financial security of her part-time job and step into the next new adventure.
In autumn of 2015, with the input and guidance of some of the 24-7 Prayer leadership, Debbie stepped back from overseeing 24-7 Prayer Scotland and Crystal stepped into the role of national co-ordinator.

Today, aside from Crystal, the team consists of four fantastic team members who give volunteer time to 24-7 Prayer Scotland outside of their full-time jobs. We also have an incredible board of trustees, of whom Debbie Meehan is the Chair. She never did manage to fully escape and we plan on keeping her involved for as long as we possibly can!

We hope this encourages you to never “despise the day of small beginnings” (Zecharaiah 4:10) – you never know how God will honour and develop your little mustard seeds of prayer, faithfulness, obedience and action!

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