Staring Fear in the Face Part Two : Finding Faith

In the second part of this series ‘Staring Fear in the Face’, Hannah shares wisdom gleaned from her own journey through fear.

Find your faith

Wherever fear has found us – however corona has come crumbling into your life and schedule – faith is still findable. I don’t know where you’re at with faith right now, reading this. Maybe you’ve been really close to Jesus the last few months, and a daily intake of scripture, worship and prayer is feeding your soul so that you’re already in tip top condition, ready to go. Or maybe that’s really not you – maybe you’re utterly disappointed with the church but this crisis has left you asking questions and you’ve found yourself here in this blog wondering if faith could have any relevance for you again. I don’t think fear really cares where your faith is, actually. Fear can rush in like an avalanche and leave even the strongest person shaking. But God is not perturbed by shaking. The wonderful thing about faith – whether we think we have a lot, none at all, or just a smidgen of something that might resemble a squished and rather sceptical gnat – is that faith is no respecter of circumstance. Faith is God’s gift to us regardless of circumstance, despite circumstance. It’s on Him, not on us. And I say that because I can testify that in my deepest, darkest points of fear, there has been no place so deep and dark that God was not underneath it all already, present and at work. ‘Underneath are the everlasting arms.’ Faith in a moment of fear is very much about what He does and not what we do. It’s His word to us, his stooping to wrap arms of loving kindness around us.

As I wrote this piece, I was sat waiting for a zoom call from a dear friend. (Who knew it would take a pandemic to fill our social calendars so full!) This friend then texted me to apologise she wasn’t going to make it to the call. Her two year old was having a hard time accepting the inevitability of bedtime that evening and she was therefore “sat in a dark room holding a tiny hand.” What a beautiful picture of the Father’s love for us. He’s the Dad who takes us by the hand, comes close to us in the dark, and sits with us till we sleep. Daybreak will come again; we can trust Him.

I guess what I’m really saying here in ‘find your faith’ is quite simply – let Christ find you. He’s already there, already present, already with you. We can trust Him. There is a peace beyond fear, in the midst of fear, that only He can give us. So why don’t you just talk to him? Ask him to help you. Begin to share with him how you feel, what’s bothering you. Invite him into your home, like you would a good mate. You are not alone in your fear. He’s sat in the dark with you.

And if you’ve been walking this Jesus thing for a long time, how about asking Holy Spirit for the spiritual gift of faith? I have not known a better time in my lifetime for the church to eagerly desire and move in this spiritual gift. Who wants the ability to see with the eyes of God the opportunities and landscape before us? I do.

Hannah Montgomery is wife to Tom, mother to Charlie and Grace, mentor, friend, leader… But most importantly, she is a woman who seeks to know personally the deep heart of God. Her pilgrimage into that deep heart of God has not always been easy, but along the way she has discovered some beautiful truths that provide nourishment to others on their journeys.

Crystal Cryer originally hails from Oregon, but now claims Scotland as home. She is the National Coordinator for 24-7 Prayer Scotland. She is also a Networker for Prayer Spaces in Schools in Scotland and is part of the Discovery family in Dunbar, where she is based.