You may have at some point heard of, if not seen, what is known as The Great Tapestry of Scotland. It is an incredible project – an artistic portrayal of the (hi)story of Scotland through the weaving together of panels that have been hand-stitched by residents of cities, towns and villages all across Scotland and was inspired by the beloved Scottish story-teller Alexander McCall Smith.

Storytelling has been a central aspect of community throughout the history of the Celtic peoples, taking a role in many parts of society such as community decision making and community cohesion, not just in history keeping and entertainment.

The Seanachaidh (storyteller) would seek, through the telling of their stories, to weave the listeners together, to give the people a sense of who they were, where they came from.

This is our heart as 24-7 Prayer Scotland for this blog site, that as we tell the stories, your stories, of what God is doing through prayer across this land, we will be woven together, reminded of who we are, where we have come from, and Who it is all for and about.

Over recent years we have heard stories of healings of bodies and of hearts, restoration of relationships, life-transforming encounters with the tangible presence of Jesus. And most recently, we are hearing and seeing a deep stirring, a growing hunger in God’s people across the land, from ages 8 to 80, for prayer, for greater unity, to come back to the main Vision, to the simple yet powerful truths that have time and again awakened and set on fire the hearts of this nation, for Jesus Himself. As people are responding to this gentle, persistent drawing of Holy Spirit, stories are being written. Leonard Sweet says, “The future belongs to the storytellers and connectors” and we believe this to be true.

24-7 Prayer exists to ‘Revive the Church and Rewire Culture’ and we seek to do that largely through inspiration, equipping, resourcing and connecting – relationship-building. And we are convinced that one of the best gifts God has given us to inspire and to connect with one another is the gift of story. So this blog is our gift to you. We hope you enjoy it and even more, are set alight by it.

My prayer for Scotland is that Scotland would know again her identity as sons & daughters of God and that revelation would restore her courage and release her wild spirit, so that the nations of the world once again are touched and transformed by wildly abandoned Celtic lovers of God and of people.
Crystal Crystal
Crystal Crystal 24-7 Prayer Scotland
Crystal Cryer
24-7 Scotland Co-ordinator
Crystal Cryer originally hails from Oregon, the best state in the US, but now claims Scotland as home. She is the National Coordinator for 24-7 Prayer Scotland and loves being part of the wild, contagious and life-transforming movement that is 24-7 Prayer . She is also part of the Prayer Spaces in Schools Scotland team as well as the Central Church family in Edinburgh, where she is based. Crystal loves hospitality, cooking, talking about prayer, the history of Celtic Christianity, all things Nature, exploring new places and cultures, conversations over coffee (or a glass of red wine), reading and all things creative
My prayer for Scotland is that we will know the heart of God and as a result, stand together in unity as brothers and sisters in Christ, and that Scotland will be a nation that overflows with prayer, justice, creativity and love.
Rachel Dhillon
Rachel Dhillon 24-7 Prayer Scotland
Rachel Dhillon
Rachel lives in Glasgow and has a heart to see prayer and justice flow throughout Scotland. In 2010, Rachel was given a copy of Red Moon Rising and God on Mute to read by her youth leader in response to her persistent questions about prayer and where God was in the silence. In 2017, Rachel first connected with the 24-7 Scotland Team after God set her heart on fire while in a prayer room in Austria to see unity in the church in Scotland! Rachel is married to Lal and in her spare time can be found playing music or watching Ice Hockey.
My prayer for Scotland is that we would be a nation of disciples who make disciples, discipling our own right here in Scotland, raising up Scottish sons and daughters of God who desire to seek God, act justly and love mercy.
Kathryn Ritchie
Kathryn Ritchie 24-7 Prayer Scotland
Kathryn Ritchie
Kathryn moved to Dundee in August 2019 to be part of Prayer Space Dundee, a 24-7 Prayer House of Prayer community seeking to make prayer accessible and see people draw close to God. By day Kathryn works as a Careers Adviser in Angus which is a challenging but rewarding role. When she’s not working you’ll likely find her on a beach or tucked up on the couch with a good book and a cuppa tea – preferably with a dog nearby.
My prayer for Scotland is that we would be a nation that embodies the reality of heaven and follows the leading of King Jesus. I especially am praying for the younger generation ( 11-25 ), that they would rise up in the power of the Spirit, living out of that Spirit of adoption that cries ‘Abba, Father’ and usher in the Kingdom.
Sam Donaghey
Sam Donaghey 24-7 Prayer Scotland
Sam Donaghey
Sam is 24 and lives just outside Glasgow in Kirkintilloch. He is the Youth Work Coordinator at Bishopbriggs Community Church and the Young Leader Development Assistant at the Baptist Union of Scotland. In his spare time he loves to watch a good film and spend copious amounts of time with friends ( he is another level of extravert ). His passions are Jesus, prayer, people, new plans and food. Buy Sam a plate of pasta and you’ll have a friend for life!