Looking Back and Looking Ahead

The 24-7 Prayer Gathering Online is only 2 days away from beginning! 4,000 from across 76 nations registered so far and the excitement is building! Yes, it will be different this year and we will all miss hugging those we rarely see, sitting across the lunch table from one another, talking late into the night with new, lifelong friends… those things that make the days of the Gatherings so special. And yet, there is an anticipation growing in our hearts. Because what has made the Gatherings most memorable, year after year, are those deeply significant things that God speaks to us as individuals, teams and communities as well as a global family.

Here are testimonies from friends across Scotland who have heard God in special ways at past Gatherings:

The final night of worship in Geneva was in St Peter’s Cathedral… I know that we cannot even come close to imagining what heaven will be like, but that night it felt like what I imagine it will be. The place was packed with people from all over the world, many different church backgrounds, all singing praise to the glory of God. It was amazing. At the end of our time there I was tired mentally from all the mind-shattering things God had been showing and teaching me, but spiritually so fired up for whatever God had for me.” Steph Rooney, Kirkmuirhill

A highlight for me was the space to worship God filled with a group of people who were passionate about His presence and hearing His voice! And one big take away was around my own leadership – learning to acknowledge areas where I project onto others, helping to identify my own shadow so that I don’t allow it to negatively impact how I lead those around me!” Zak Robb, Edinburgh

We went to The Gathering for the first time as a church leadership team, and one highlight for me was definitely the flow of prayer, prophecy and praise each time we gathered – so life giving and naturally supernatural. It seemed like God was doing something remarkable in every nation, and I was so encouraged at the sense of His Church on the move all over the earth! There were so many challenging messages and calls to action, but I was really impacted by Danielle Strickland’s message on ‘mountains and mustard seeds’. This explained the tension of life and ministry in the Kingdom so well, we all carry a huge vision but it must be worked out in our ‘mustard seed’ actions of faith every day. The Gathering also dropped so many gold nuggets in our laps as a leadership team, of vision and direction that we had already been sensing all year – being intentional in our discipleship with just a few people (like Jesus), gathering around tables, being vulnerable and accountable – so many Holy Spirit confirmations for us to take home was fantastic!” Simon Dennis, Aberdeen

My highlight of the Gathering was the resounding cry for unity – seeing the reconciliation I’ve always wanted to see in action and within that, seeing the glimmer of the Kingdom of God!” Healey Rosweir, Edinburgh

The Gathering was inspiring with a real sense of God’s presence and the Holy Spirit at work. The feel was very much that of family gathering, brothers and sisters coming together from all different nations. The one thing that inspired me most was the work of 24-7 Prayer Ibiza, having attended their workshop.” Bob Mallinson, Dundee

And then there is the auction. This is the point in the Gathering where the true culture within the 24-7 family is fully expressed – playful, sacrificial, wild generosity to support various needs within the family, whether they be personal, community or for missional/justice related projects. One example is from last year’s Gathering in Belfast, when all the Scots in the room pooled their money to bid on a silly vest so that a single mum who had just been evicted could provide her children with a new home.
Healey Rosweir of Edinburgh says this about last year’s Gathering and auction: “The auction was an absolute highlight! The hilarity that ensued as the group I was part of began pulling more and more people in to add to the pot, forming friendships with anyone and everyone. It created this atmosphere that was competitive yet so, so joyful – everyone united in wanting to gather as much money as possible to give away to others. I’ve never seen people so happy to part with money before!
*To find out more about this year’s auction click here.

What might be in store for us all this year?

Crystal Cryer originally hails from Oregon, but now claims Scotland as home. She is the National Coordinator for 24-7 Prayer Scotland. She is also a Networker for Prayer Spaces in Schools in Scotland and is part of the Discovery family in Dunbar, where she is based.