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18 November 2020 Crystal Cryer Blog No comments

We are following the Celtic tradition of Advent which begins this week and, much like Lent, tends to involve 40 days of fasting, prayer and reflection in preparation for the feast of Christmas.

This year our Advent blog series follows the theme of ‘Songs in the Wasteland.’

Those of you who took part in the 24-7 Prayer Gathering Online will remember that the theme was “Strange Lands”, taken from the lament of Psalm 137, “How can we sing the song of the Lord in a strange land?”

What is the ‘son...

28 October 2020 Crystal Cryer Blog No comments

The 24-7 Prayer Gathering Online is only 2 days away from beginning! 4,000 from across 76 nations registered so far and the excitement is building! Yes, it will be different this year and we will all miss hugging those we rarely see, sitting across the lunch table from one another, talking late into the night with new, lifelong friends… those things that make the days of the Gatherings so special. And yet, there is an anticipation growing in our hearts. Because what has made the Gatherings mo...

21 October 2020 Crystal Cryer Blog No comments

These recent days have been intense and many of us have found ourselves battling stress, anxiety, information overload, boredom and restlessness yet have little capacity. Emma Timms doesn’t just talk about, but walks us through, a helpful prayer practice for times like this.

So I get a maximum of 500 words to talk to you, a few moments of your time as your scroll through your screen. I’m going to use those words to lead you in a practice.

Let’s linger in the sweet presence of Jesus together. ...