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29 July 2020 Crystal Cryer Blog No comments

In our second video blog, Crystal chats with the lovely Vicky Allen of Dunbar who recently helped facilitate some prayer and reflection for local families in some quite creative ways. They talk about prayer, the need for reflection in these strange times we are in, labyrinths and creativity.

15 July 2020 Crystal Cryer Blog No comments

Creator God, who formed us from dust, breathe in me again. Give me a new imagination to perceive new possibilities today.” Prayer of Approach from Lectio 365, week commencing 6th July.

Many of us have had to be creatives and innovators in recent months, including those of us who would have never considered ourselves to be creative. Normal methods and usual routines have been interrupted and disrupted, making us feel like we are walking down literal rabbit trails, not just proverbial ones.


8 July 2020 Crystal Cryer Blog No comments

We thought we would try a video blog this week for the fun of it! Let us know what you think!

Crystal talks with Bridget Sundlerland who leads Village Church in Aberdeenshire as well as Diamonds Scotland.

In this video blog, Bridget shares how their church is using the Prayer Course from 24-7 Prayer as a follow-up to Alpha online and what they are seeing God do through it!

Have you been running an on-line Alpha Course and wondering how best to follow it up? Listen to what Bridget and her chu...