It Started With A Question

Some exciting things are happening, not just across the world, but in our own beautiful nation of Scotland!
Hearts are being stirred, desiring time in God’s presence, desiring prayer and desiring greater unity in the Church and this growing desire has caused houses of prayer to begin forming across the UK.

David Baker in Dundee has been one of those whose desire for more of God’s presence and for the more of God to be seen in his city has compelled him to begin what could possibly be one of the greatest adventures of his life.

‘It started with a question, or rather two questions:
1) “What is in your hand?”
2) “What is God doing in your city?”

I was talking with Crystal after having spent two years trying to get a missional community going in Dundee, and in a remarkable way God was in those questions.
The first was perhaps the easiest to answer – in any obvious sense there was nothing in my hand! Humanly speaking, after two years of chasing every opportunity I could think of, I was at a dead end. However, as I turned the question over in my mind, God began reminding me that He was the one who had called me to Scotland, He had prompted me to build something around a rhythm of prayer – so maybe God was gently nudging me to pray.

As the reality that just maybe there was something in my hand began to sink in, I began making connections across the city. One church had turned a cupboard into a prayer room, a few had been part of various 24-7 prayer weeks, another church had a new pastor who was passionate about prayer. So over a number of months I began making the connections, joining the dots, and seeing what would happen.

In less than a year something had amazingly come together! “Prayer Space Dundee” was given an incredible prayer space in an old monastery, a place where just walking into the room brought (and still brings) a sense that this is a place that has been prayed in. We have over the months now created a rhythm of early morning prayer each weekday in this space.

Around the city there are ten churches and ministries who regularly pray and we have been able to make the connections, championing each gathering on our website. While each prayer gathering is, in many ways, the same, something is stirring. People turn up to join in with others who are praying and as God speaks, there are themes emerging and promises being given.

One of the big promises that we are praying into is that God would rewrite the destiny of the city. Many people know, and quote, the three things that Dundee is famous for – “Jute, Jam, and Journalism” – and then reflect with sadness that two of the three industries are gone. As we prayed we sensed that rather than looking back in regret we should look forward to what God is building here – God is igniting hope in a city that has suffered with a bad reputation for decades. We felt that God wants to rewrite what we are famous for as “Jesus, Justice and Joy”.

Over the past few weeks the unexpected has begun to surprise us. Dundee topped the Lonely Planet “Great Places to Visit” list, and outranked some pretty funky places in the “”Best Places to Live list!

From having nothing and heading nowhere really, God has begun to gather a movement of prayer in Dundee. We are excited to see who He will encounter next and where our prayers will take us!’

David has worked with churches and charities all his adult life. He has served as a Baptist minister and a New Frontiers pastor but has a passion for the people who don’t come to church. David and his wife Sarah lead the Prayer Space Dundee initiative.

Crystal Cryer originally hails from Oregon, but now claims Scotland as home. She is the National Coordinator for 24-7 Prayer Scotland. She is also a Networker for Prayer Spaces in Schools in Scotland and is part of the Discovery family in Dunbar, where she is based.