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11 December 2019 Crystal Cryer Blog No comments

In this third post in our Advent blog series ‘Into the Silence’ Hannah shares her own personal encounter with the Presence that awaits us in the silence.

This time last year it was a cold, grey day and I sat across from my spiritual director, grappling with my understanding of God. Winter was hard for me last year, and I wanted answers. Wise, insightful, and extremely patient, (did I mention extremely patient? Seriously, the woman has ninja skills…) she looked me in the face and gently admoni...

4 December 2019 Crystal Cryer Blog No comments

Physical and spiritual breathless escape. The infamous Queen was out to get him, to make mincemeat of him. Where could he go to escape the prophet-hunter?

South. South. I must go south – as far as I can from her dragon-like, prophetic-consuming appetite.” He ran and ran, collapsing in despair, depression and self-destruction. God came to him in a deep sleep, tip-toeing round his foetal-like body, with a loaf of fresh bread just baked in heaven’s oven and a jug of fresh cool water from heaven...

27 November 2019 Crystal Cryer Blog No comments

This is the first of our Advent blog series on “Into the Silence.”

Advent. Coming.

Right now as I type, the Edinburgh Christmas market is in full swing, my Facebook and Instagram feeds are filled with friends’ pictures of their Christmas trees and decorations adorning their homes, and the quintessential poinsettia sits on my dining table.

However, the special day that has inspired all of this festivity is not yet here. This is Advent. This is coming.

I have a few friends who dread the “Chris...