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25 December 2019 Crystal Cryer Blog No comments

Vicky Allen brings us this beautiful poem for our final post in the Advent series ‘Into the Silence.’
On this Christmas Day may your heart swell with the same hope of those shepherds long ago whose silence was broken by “tidings of great joy.” And in your own places where silence seems now to pervade, may you know the reality of Emmanuel, God with us – the presence in the silence.

Merry Christmas from all of us at 24-7 Prayer Scotland!

Night did not quite hide
the wonder
as constellations sc...

18 December 2019 Crystal Cryer Blog No comments

In part four of our Advent series ‘Into the Silence’, Rachel shares with us her own personal journey with knowing the Presence in the silence.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t’ mean to cry. This is so embarrassing.”

Tears stream down my face as I lay in the dentist’s chair.
I am mortified. I am a grown woman crying at the dentist for no apparent reason.

That’s okay, Rachel.” My dentist gives me an understanding smile.

“Thanks.” I grab a tissue from the tray next to me. “I’ve just been feeling very...

11 December 2019 Crystal Cryer Blog No comments

In this third post in our Advent blog series ‘Into the Silence’ Hannah shares her own personal encounter with the Presence that awaits us in the silence.

This time last year it was a cold, grey day and I sat across from my spiritual director, grappling with my understanding of God. Winter was hard for me last year, and I wanted answers. Wise, insightful, and extremely patient, (did I mention extremely patient? Seriously, the woman has ninja skills…) she looked me in the face and gently admoni...