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28 September 2018 Crystal Cryer Blog No comments

You may have noticed recently that 24-7 Prayer Scotland has our first ever intern. And she is smashing it! We thought you should all get to know her a bit better as you will be seeing her around more and quite likely receiving some emails from her. Here she is.

Hello, everyone,
I thought I’d officially introduce myself. I’m Kathryn and over this coming year I am interning with 24-7 Prayer Scotland. 

What does that mean? It means I spend one day a week working alongside Crystal in our office ...

21 September 2018 Crystal Cryer Blog No comments

There is a beautiful statement from the revivalist of the 1800’s, Charles G. Finney, that says, “Nothing tends more to cement the hearts of Christians than praying together. Never do they love one another so well as when they witness the outpouring of each other’s hearts in prayer.”

We were privileged to be witness to this truth while with two different prayer communities last weekend – one in Irvine and one in Dundee.

Jill Weber, Director of Houses of Prayer at 24-7 Prayer and Global Conveno...

8 August 2018 Crystal Cryer Blog No comments

I have never been a list person. I have friends who delight in lists. I make to-do lists only out of a desperate attempt to stay organised and not forget important things. And I have to admit there is a certain satisfaction in crossing things off that list that have actually been accomplished.

But I still don’t like lists.

However, there is an extensive and, at times, growing list of people and situations that sit heavily in my heart. And I do pray for them but it tends to be sporadic.

In th...